Friday, 29 July 2011

Fresh Prince Forever - Will Smith

The greatest entertainer to set foot in Hollywood. Will smith is not just my favorite actor but also one of my favorite singers. He is probably the most clean rap artist ever. When it comes to talent, he definitely is one of the finest of modern times. You just can't get such a perfect mix of music, acting, comedy and good looks.

Ever since he starred as 'The Fresh Prince',  Will Smith has been my icon. I literally grew up taking lessons from his shows and movies. I'v been amazed at how he changed from being an irresponsible kid in 'the Fresh Prince', to a legendary actor in 'Ali'. The transition has been phenomenal. And who can forget the 'uber cool' attitude he always has, like in the MIBs.

One of the very few celebs who never had to resort to any cheap gimmick to get noticed. Always standing tall and handsome above the rest of the crowd. And a great father. Absolutely delighted to see the legacy of Will Smith nurtured and continued in his children, Jaden n Willow.

Just wanna let  you know Will, that i definitely am your Most Acutely Desiring Fan....
BY -Jason, New York
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