Saturday, 30 July 2011

Don't Mess With Messi

The new Maradona, the boy with the magic foot, the superstar of modern soccer , all names that only bring one name to mind - Lionel Messi.

Been a soccer fan all my life, but seeing Messi play took it to the next level. Such control and expertise at such a young age is remarkable.The fame and money have definitely not done anything to curb the explosive talent of soccer's golden boy.

 The outstanding Champions League performances and Crucial roles in Argentina games have shown how he leaves his mark in every game that he plays. Always keeping the team more important than an individual is a trait that i really admire in him.

Being a soccer player myself, i often realize that people like Messi are born and can't be made. No hours of practice can create such magnificence. It just has to be there in you. The only reason i ever watch a Barcelona match is definitely to see Messi play. The way he is able to manipulate the field and finish in grand style has definitely mad me a MadFan of Messi.
BY -Davidson Smith, Southampton
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