All you have to do is :-
  • SUBMIT YOUR MADNESS (a free post about the person/thing that you are a fan of)
  • Obtain maximum points
  • WIN Rs.200  (Rs. = Indian Rupees)
and most importantly - HAVE FUN 

The Rules and regulations are as follows:-
  • each SHARE that is done of your post gives you - 1point
  • each Facebook like or Twitter Tweet of your post gives you - 2points
  • Spamming will not be tolerated ,and keep your posts and comments original.(We will verify them). 
  • Posts should be between 150-500 words and 5 posts allowed per person.(Hey, you are writing about your passion right,so it isn't all that tough, is it?)
  • No obscene,explicit,profane content is permitted.(Why would you need such things here?) 
    We shall even give you tips on how to improve your score. 
    Now isn't that just great :-)

    HURRY the contest closes on October 2nd 2011

    (Like in any contest, in case of any conflicts,the decision of the admin will be final)