Friday, 29 July 2011


If you are human then i can bet that you are a fan of someone or atleast of something....

It could be a celebrity, a game, a movie, a show,a software, a sport, a club, a gadget or anything else on the face of this earth....But i know you are a fan, everyone is...

Your passions exhibit your personality...they decide your priorities....they show how different, enthusiastic and lively you are...they define you as a person.....and thats exactly what being a fan is all about....its about making a statement - that you are not just one amongst the crowd

So why not let the world know about it ?..

Tell the world that you are a proud fan.....A fan that doesn't compromise.....A fan like no other...

Tell the world you are not just a are a MadFan....the Most Acutely Desiring Fan

BY - MadFan Team

Are You A MadFan ?