Saturday, 30 July 2011

Jackie Chan - The Smiling Tough Guy

One of Asia’s most well-known actors, and the one who softened kung-fu with his cheerful nature and gave it a wide audience. I’v been a Jackie Chan fan from when I was a lil kid. My favourite Chan films are ‘Karate Kid’ , ‘Rush Hour Trilogy’, ‘Shanghai Noon’. Only Jackie could have executed those roles with such perfection and ease.

Jackie Chan always manages to bring a certain pleasant aura to the screen. He established the 'do your own stunts' phase in films. He always manages to amaze and thrill the audience through spectacular uses of everyday items.

He is definitely much more than just an actor , and is more of a cultural icon. Though famous for his action, Jackie is also a producer, director, singer, screenwriter and much more. I am a MadFan of Jackie Chan and will always be.
BY -Anthony, Los Angeles
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