Sunday, 31 July 2011

Eminem - The White Rapper With A Black Soul

The White rapper with a black soul – that’s the best suited description for Eminem. He has always been known for not “sugar-coating” his words.

Though smothered with a lot of provocative and obscene lyrics, his songs always seem to have a different perspective and feel to it. The masterpieces like ‘lose yourself’, ‘I’m not afraid’, ‘Without me’, ‘My name is’ are all songs that revolutionised my playlist and laid the guidelines to how I approached a song.

My appreciation for Rap and the understanding of raw music definitely has it’s roots in the Shady Records. I personally don’t support the numerous feuds he has had with fellow music artists, but hey it’s a jungle out there and ‘survival of the fittest ‘ is the thumb rule. Hate him or love him, but you just can’t live without him. I’m an Eminem MadFan.
BY -Mathew, Ohio
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