Sunday, 7 August 2011

Poker - just can't live without it

Poker has been my favorite hobby for the past 3's grown from just an activity to more of an addiction...frankly, i nvr thot twud b such a craze...i mean i'v seen it in movies all the time, but,mostly its all shown as a bad thing and seemed kinda slow...but, from the first time i started playn, i realized it was so darn thrilling and really like fuel for my competitive spirit...

At first twaz just me and my frnds...but thn v managed to bring aboard my cousins,uncles and every single weekend v hav a round of tournaments wid my frnds and family...

I am definitely a MadFan of Poker...v mostly go with straight poker, but are tryn a hand at other versions poker starts to feel more like a weekly ritual than just a week feels incomplete without that essential game of poker....its almost like life doesn't go on without it
BY-Steve, Colorado
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