Monday, 15 August 2011

Mad About Cats

The chwttttt lil 4-legged cutie creature we call a kitten is definitely god's lil happiness package to the world. You just can't stay angry or sad when you stare at the face of a cute kitten, it just wouldn't be human.

The lil fellow always makes sure that curiosity gets the better of him/her and plays around carelessly with anything. Even their own tail is a prospective toy.

I'v had several cats and their kittens taken care of at my home in the past 7years, but i have still never get bored or irritated by them.

The furry little tail, the cute ears, the sweet innocence, that heart melting meow...just some of the things that make a mad mad mad MadFan of cats :-)

BY - Angela, U.S.A
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