Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Death Race - Still a fan

Death Race (2008) was one of the most enjoyably intense films that I’ve ever seen…..The film had it all – stunts,racing,blasts,rockn bgm,nice storyboard…it was lke one of de best wholesome movies for men….dunno if twaz de devilish cars or de mindless explosions or de cool character of Frank(Jason Statham), tht rly made me watch de film,but the film rockedddddd….and yeah its late appreciation , but the fact tht I still remember it made me wanna shw it some love u knw…

The stage 3 scenes were uber cool, especially the way tht friggn truck gets eliminated….And the way they escape is just too gooddd….Yeah sure the whole thing doesn’t rly fit into the practical world, but u gotta agree tht if u hd de chance u defffff wud wanna b in tht kinda race (well of course without the death)….I rly hope the series goes on and on, but more wid Jason Statham, coz he's lyk perfect for the role......I’m a MadFan of Deathrace and will always be…
BY- Brendan,Canada
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